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Our shares section lists the top 40 companies on the JSE Stock Exchange. We give summaries of these companies so that you know what they do and where they stand in the larger scheme of things. For our share trading strategy we have identified 3 indicators which we use to setup trading alerts. We take you through each of these indicators and then tie them all together to form the basis of our share trading strategy.

The indicators are setup in a way to send alerts to your cellphone or email once they have met their prerequisite values. This is very easy to use and identifies trading opportunities for you on all selected JSE Listed Shares.

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The Foreign Exchange (Forex) market has recently become the most popular market to trade. Forex moves faster than shares and therefore gives you many opportunities to trade. In our forex section of the course we look at the origin of the Forex market and how it works. Once you are comfortable with the concepts around the forex market we take you through a special Forex Trading Strategy that focusses mainly on Support and Resistance. These are special levels at which we can predict changes in market direction. This combined with a good Risk to Reward Ratio makes it one of the best Forex Trading strategies available.

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Crypto Currency

We have added Bitcoin due to popular demand. Our Bitcoin Strategy has been derived from our share trading strategy. We applied our share trading strategy on Bitcoin and were amazed by the good results. We have tweaked it a bit to allow for the differences in the instrument but once you get the hang of the share trading strategy the Bitcoin strategy is a breeze to learn.

Once you have completed these training modules you will have a well rounded idea of how online trading and the markets work. We will assist you in getting the assistance you need from regulated brokers.

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About Us

Global Markets Academy (Pty) Ltd is a company dedicated to train people previously unable to access global markets. We have created a variety of easy tio use tools and structured lessons to make sure you are fully educated, in trading online, by the end of this program. Our Head Office is based in Blackheath, Johannesburg with several satelite offices around the country.

Expert Mentors

We strive to develop the best strategies and software without complicating the process. With our partner brokers you can trade directly from your smartphone, tablet, Laptop or PC. Global Markets have years of trading experience and we have been around for the last 6 years.

4 Courses

We offer 4 courses, namely : Shares | Forex | Crypto | All Inclusive


Anyone above 18 can learn to trade. All you need is a device (Cellphone, Laptop or Tablet) and access to internet.

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